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B.E. All Branches First Semester (C.B.S.) / B.E. (Fire Engineering) First Semester
Basic of Civil Engineering

Time : Two Hours                                                                                                                                 Max. Marks : 40
Notes : 1. All questions carry marks as indicated.
2. Solve Question 1 OR Questions No. 2.
3. Solve Question 3 OR Questions No. 4.
4. Solve Question 5 OR Questions No. 6.
5. Solve Question 7 OR Questions No. 8.
6. Due credit will be given to neatness and adequate dimensions.
7. Assume suitable data whenever necessary.
8. Illustrate your answers whenever necessary with the help of neat sketches.
9. Use of non programmable calculator is permitted.

1. a) What are the grades of cement? Explain field test on cement.[5M]
b) Explain load bearing structure and frame structure with neat sketches.[5M]


2. a) State various types of building with their functions.[4M]
b) A plot is having dimension’s 50mx60m, a building constructed on it occupies 700 m2 on ground floor and 560  m2 on first floor with permissible FSI is 0.8, How much area can be constructed on second floor?[6M]

3. a) Explain various principles of surveying.[5M]
b) What are the different types of pavements? Explain with neat sketches.[5M]


4. a) Explain various types of signs and signal’s of traffic.[6M]
b) Explain different modes of transportation and explain how the roads are classified.[4M]

5. a) Explain different methods of solid waste management.[5M]
b) Calculate per capita demand for a town of population 80,000 and availability of supply water in 55 lakhs m3per year.[5M]


6. a) Find the Quantity of water available for rain harvesting on terrace of area 20,000 m2 Depth of rain water is1500 mm if the losses are 35%.[5M]
b) Explain different types of dam’s. Draw the Cross-Section of Gravity dam.[5M]

7. a) Explain the concept of green building.[5M]
b) State and explain various Equipment’s used in compaction.[5M]


8. Write short notes on following.[10M]
a) SCADA System[4M]
b) LEED Certification[3M]
c) Telemetry[3M]

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