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What is GATE exam and why you should prepare it early?

What is GATE exam and why you should prepare it early?

Every graduating engineer probably aware about GATE exam. It is the exam which comprehensively tests your technical abilities acquired during your degree course. Numerous career opportunities after GATE are attracting more and more students and creating a huge competition nowadays.

Well begun is half done! If you are looking forward your career after GATE then starting its preparation early would be the ideal beginning. Here is the quick overview about the GATE exam and worth reasons for preparing early.

What is GATE Exam?

GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering conducted jointly by the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT’s) and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (IISc) on behalf of Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Government of India. Typically it tests the comprehensive understanding of concepts during the graduation in engineering or science.

Typically the GATE exam is conducted in the month of February  for the 23 streams in Engineering and Basic Sciences. The exam can be online as well as offline for different streams. The paper consists of 65 questions of one and two marks and totals to 100 marks. Typically consists of 15% of general aptitude, 15% of engineering mathematics and rest 70% from technical domain. Questions can be of two types i.e. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Numerical Answer Type (NAT). Click here to get complete overview of the GATE examination, paper pattern, tentative dates etc.

On the basis of GATE score one can seek admission into postgraduate(M.E., M.Tech.,M.S.) and doctoral(Ph.D) programmes at IITs, NITs, IISc and almost at all reputed engineering colleges in India. CSIR’s Junior Research Fellowship(JRF) is offered on the basis of GATE merit. JRFs will have excellent opportunity to work with CSIR Scientists with state-of-art R&D facilities. Many of the Public Sector Companies like BEL, BHEL, NTPC etc. use GATE score in their recruitment process. Click here to know about- why should one appear for GATE?

Why to prepare GATE early?

It is well said that “Setting goals allows you to plan how you want to move through life.” Cracking the GATE with super rank may be one of the best goals graduating engineer should have. Well! Many of the engineers dream about GATE during graduation years but not come into action until too late.

Are you thinking about appearing for GATE then following are the few reasons to start preparing it early.

Keeping up with the competition

The total number of students appeared for GATE 2017 is 9,71,148 [Source: Hindustan Times]. So almost 1 to 2 lac of students appear from any branch and this number is increasing year after year.
Considering the total number of seats available for postgraduate studies in reputed institutes like IITs, NITs etc., severe competition is undeniable. Many of the PSUs are directly recruiting through GATE score which again pushes forward the scope of the exam beyond academics.
So in short, many of the aspirants prepare GATE dedicatedly may be for 2 to 3 years. Considering the scope of syllabus and the competition, an average graduating student may not be successful to get good GATE score and hence starting the preparation in earlier semesters would be so much beneficial.

Keep yourself ready for the Public Sector Companies

Most of the elite Public Sector Companies have been using GATE score as a fundamental parameter for their recruitment. Apart from that many PSUs conduct their recruitment examinations periodically. All such technical exams conducted throughout the India have parallel syllabus with GATE. Once you have well prepared for GATE you gain confidence for all such exams.It may happen that just after passing your engineering you get a chance to appear for any of the reputed PSU exam and get selected. So keep yourself ready!

Gateway for elite exams like ESE,IAS etc.

Getting into Civil Services is the biggest dream for most of the students. Of them few start preparing for it early but most of them come into action after graduation. Preparing GATE early say along with graduation could be the best start up step for your dream as Civil Servant.

To avoid the void feeling just after graduation

Academically oriented students often get void feeling just after graduation if they have not got the admission into required institutes. Pumping up the GATE preparation boosts a lot of self confidence in such cases.

To keep yourself technically sound during graduation studies

After all GATE examination tests your knowledge acquired during your graduation (Engineering/Science) studies. So preparing for GATE surely helps to build better concepts which can miraculously help to boost your graduation results.

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