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Engineering Mechanics-Nagpur

Teaching Scheme
Lectures: 2 Hours/ Week
Tutorial: 1 Hours / Week

Examination Scheme
T (U) : 40 Marks
T (I) : 10 Marks
Duration of University Exam. : 02 Hours

Unit – I : ( 10 Hrs )

Important Vector Quantities:
Position-vector, moment of a force about a point about an axis, couples, couple moment as a free vector.

Equivalent force systems:
Resultant of a 2 dimensional distributed loads and three-dimensional general force system

UNIT – II : ( 10 Hrs )

Equations of Equilibrium:
Free body diagrams, Equations of equilibrium coplanar concurrent and Non-concurrent systems,
General spatial force system.
Analysis of simple pin jointed frames by method of joints method of sections.
Friction forces: Law of Coulomb friction, problems involving dry friction, simple applications
like wedges and band brakes.

Unit – III : (10 Hrs)

Centriods and Moments of Inertia:
Second Moment and products of inertia of plane areas, Moment of inertia of masses. Transfer
theorems for moment of inertia and Product of inertia, Polar moment of inertia, Principal axes,
Mohr’s circle of inertia.

Introduction of Virtual work theorem:
Principle of Virtual work applied to equilibrium of Mechanisms, simple beam, Pin jointed

Unit -IV: (10 Hrs)

D’Alembert’s Principle, work Energy method, (Expressions based on center of mass).
Methods of Momentum : Linear impulse momentum, considerations for a system of particles,
Consideration of linear momentums, Elastic impact of two bodies, Direct central impact.

Books Recommended:

1. Engineering Mechanics: F.L Singer
2. Engineering Mechanics: Tmoshenko & Young
3. Engineering Mechanics: Bear and Johnson
4. Engineering Mechanics: I.H.Shames
5. Engineering Mechanics: R.D.Askhedkar & P.B.Kulkarni

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