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We provide Awesome resources for GATE, ESE, Govt. Tech. Exams (Engg. Domain)


Why GRAD plus

Effective learning

Students learn at their own pace, with deliberately prepared content. They first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerate the learning with the faculties in live.

Propitious model

Revolutionary pricing with highest benefits. Students can select courses as they go without lofty commitments.

All included

We have got you covered all for your GATE EC and EE. Right from the solutions of the questions asked in 1987 to the present. Every subject, every test, mock tests, running notes, everything!

Resonating with Students


Awesome Content Quality

In-depth Content by Best Faculties at the same time best visualistic approach for long lasting learning.

Handy PYQs

Collection of PYQs (Previous Year Questions) solutions
spans over 25+ years of GATE, providing a comprehensive
archive of exam questions from various examinations.

Abundance of Tests

Our Test Series is meticulously designed to provide you with a
comprehensive exam preparation experience.

Hours of Video Content
PYQs + Test Questions

Craft Your Career NOW!

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