LinkedIn Insight Analysis of GATE EC Previous Papers for Subject Control System

Analysis of GATE EC Previous Papers for Subject Control System

Aspiring engineers who are preparing for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) understand the significance of thorough preparation and comprehensive study resources.

Through a meticulous examination of previous years’ question papers, we aim to provide you with valuable insights, key trends, and effective strategies to excel in Control System for your GATE exam.

GATE EC Syllabus for the Subject Control System

Basic control system components; Feedback principle;

Transfer function; Block diagram representation; Signal flow graph;

Transient and steady-state analysis of LTI systems; Frequency response;

Routh-Hurwitz and Nyquist stability criteria;

Bode and root-locus plots; Lag, lead and lag-lead compensation;

State variable model and solution of state equation of LTI systems.

Analysis of Previous GATE Papers for Control System

YearPercentage of Marks
20226 %
20215 %
202010 %
20187 %
201510 %
20148 %
Overall Percentage of the Subject in GATE Paper

Recent GATE Paper Questions of Control System

The following questions have been asked from Control System , in GATE-EC 2023 Paper.

Q.1. In the following block diagram, R(s) and D(s) are two inputs. The output Y(s) is expressed as Y(s) = G1(s)R(s) + G2(s)D(s).

G1(s) and G2(s) are given by

a)G_{1}(s)=\frac{G(s)}{1+G(s)+G(s)H(s)}\; and\; G_{2}(s)=\frac{G(s)}{1+G(s)+G(s)H(s)}

b)G_{1}(s)=\frac{G(s)}{1+G(s)+H(s)}\; and\; G_{2}(s)=\frac{G(s)}{1+G(s)+H(s)}

c)G_{1}(s)=\frac{G(s)}{1+G(s)+H(s)}\; and\; G_{2}(s)=\frac{G(s)}{1+G(s)+G(s)H(s)}

d) G_{1}(s)=\frac{G(s)}{1+G(s)+G(s) H(s)}\; and\; G_{2}(s)=\frac{G(s)}{1+G(s)+H(s)}

Q. 2 A closed loop system is shown in the figure where k>0 and α>0. The steady state error due to a ramp input (R(s) = α/s2) is given by

a) \frac{2\alpha }{k}

b) \frac{2\alpha }{k}

c) \frac{\alpha }{2k}

d) \frac{\alpha }{4k}

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