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All About Container Corporation of India Limited (CONCOR)

CONCOR ( Container Corporation of India Limited) is a India’s largest intermodal logistics Navratana Public Sector Enterprise under Ministry of Railways. CONCOR was incorporated in March 1998 under the Companies Act, and commenced operation from November 1989 taking over the existing network of 7 ICDs from the Indian railways.

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About Container Corporation of India Limited

Container Corporation of India Limited(CONCOR), a Govt of India Enterprise, incorporated in March 1988 under the Companies Act, 1956, as a central Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Railways.

CONCOR is committed to providing responsive, cost-effective, efficient and reliable logistics solution to its customers. CONCOR is a customer focused, performance driven, result oriented organization, focused on providing value for money to its customers.

CONCOR is an undisputed market leader having the largest network of 61 ICDs/CFSs in India (59 terminals and 2 strategic tie-ups). In addition to providing inland transport by rail for containers, i has also expanded to cover management of ports, air cargo complexes and establishing cold-chain.

Mission and Vision of CONCOR

The mission of CONCOR is :-

i) To join its community partners and stake holders t make CONCOR a company of outstanding quality.

ii) To provide responsive, cost effective, efficient and reliable logistics solutions to its customers through synergy with community partners and ensuring profitability and growth.

iii) To be the first choice for our customers, the Company remains firmly committed to its social responsibility and prove worthy of trust reposed in it.

The Vision of CONCOR is as follows :-

i) To be a customer focused, performance driven, result oriented organization, focussed on providing value for money to its customers.

ii) To maximize productive utilization of resources, deliver high quality services and to be recognized for setting the standards for excellence.

iii) To look constantly for new and better ways to provide innovative services. It will aim for customer convenience and satisfaction, learn from its competitors and constantly strive for excellence.

iv) To set measurable performance goals to support the objectives and mission of the organisation and work as a professional, competent an dedicated team for the organisation to achieve excellence in all areas of business and operations.

Business and Operations

CONCOR’s core business is characterized by three distinct activities, that of a carrier, a terminal operator and a warehouse operator.

i) Carrier

Rail is the mainstay of CONCOR’s transportation plans & strategy. Majority of CONCOR terminals are rail linked, with rail as the main carrier for haulage. Facilities are, however, provided for first and last mile transportation by road also. As rail is price-competitive over long distances, the price advantage can be passed on to clients, thus allowing for flexible and competitive pricing. The rail link also plays a major role in decongesting our ports and the road corridors that lead to these ports.

Though rail is the mainstay of CONCOR’s transportation plan, some CONCOR terminals are exclusively road-fed as well. Road services are mostly in the form of supplementary services to provide the door to door linkages having carried the bulk of long lead by rail. However, wherever it is operationally or a superior option, road is used as an alternative to rail as well.

ii) Terminal and CFS Operator

CONCOR started operations in November 1989 with 7 Inland Container Depots (ICDs). We have since extended the network to a total of 61 terminals. (Terminal map).

CONCOR’s customs bonded Inland Container depots are dry ports in the hinterland, and serve the purpose of bringing all port facilities including Customs clearance to the customer’s doorstep.

The terminals are almost always linked by rail to the Indian Railway network, unless their size or location dictates that they be linked by road. The rail links enable us to facilitate the moving of large volumes over long distances in the most cost effective manner.

CONCOR’s terminals provide a spectrum of facilities in terms of warehousing, container parking, repair facilities, and even office complexes. As CFS operator, CONCOR adds value to the logistics chain by offering value added services such as

 Transit warehousing for import and export cargo

 Bonded warehousing, enabling importers to store cargo and take partial deliveries, thereby deferring duty payment

 Less than Container Load (LCL) consolidation, and reworking of LCL cargo at nominated hubs

 Air cargo clearance using bonded trucking

In the area of domestic business door pick up and door delivery services are the most popular. We also use our terminal network to plan hub and spoke movements that allow single customers to move cargo to multiple locations at a single time, with CONCOR taking care of the distribution and re distribution requirements.

In conclusion, Container Corporation of India (CONCOR) is more than just a logistics company; it is a symbol of India’s economic growth and its commitment to efficient and sustainable transportation solutions.

As the company continues to expand its horizons, embracing technological advancements and innovative approaches, it is poised to play an even greater role in the nation’s economic development and global trade. CONCOR’s journey from its inception to the present day stands as a testament to India’s potential and resilience on the global stage.

With CONCOR leading the way, the future of India’s logistics and trade sector appears brighter than ever, offering the promise of a more connected, efficient, and prosperous nation.

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