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Study Techniques and Time Management for GATE Preparation

GATE is an acronym for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. This exam is conducted every year by seven IITs and IISc Bangalore in India on a rotational basis. This exam is most prestigious exam for the engineering aspirants.

Many students aspire to excel in this highly competitive exam and score a good rank in this exam. To score good rank, this exam requires a robust and well-structured approach.

GATE exam demands a comprehensive understanding of subjects and well-disciplined schedule.

In this article, we will see some effective study techniques and time management. This study techniques will empower you to optimize your efforts, enhance comprehension and ultimately ace the GATE Exam.

Whether you’re a first-time GATE aspirant or seeking to improve your performance from a previous attempt, the insights shared here will pave the way for a focused and successful preparation journey.

GATE Time Management Tips 2024

Many of the students think that Students who have attended IIT examinations like JEE can easily clear GATE exam. But, it is not. GATE exam consists of 70% knowledge and 30% strategy.

Students who posses both of this skill can easily ace the exam wit smart work. Time management is the most important tip for GATE Exam. Here are some Time-management tips.

✔ You need to start your preparation atleast 6 months before the examination.

✔ Prepare a time table and split your accordingly for each subject.

✔ Divide the subject into three parts- Theory, Numerical, and What not to read. 

✔ Make a note of formulas and keywords during your preparation so that it will help you during last minute study.

✔ Regularly practice again and again until you are confident.

✔ Complete all the subjects in five months. In the last month start taking up GATE Mock Tests. This will help you to judge yourself on your ability to answer the main examination.

✔ Solve previous year question papers to get an idea on different type of questions.

The diagrammatic representation of study plan of GATE exam for 6 months is shown below.

Here are some effective study techniques and time management for the GATE Exam preparation.

Active Learning: Passive reading alone won’t help you grasp complex engineering concepts. Instead, engage in active learning by taking notes, summarizing key points, and explaining concepts in your own words. This process enhances comprehension and retention.

Conceptual Clarity: Focus on building a strong foundation of fundamental concepts. Ensure that you understand the underlying principles thoroughly before moving on to advanced topics. Use visual aids, flowcharts, and diagrams to aid your understanding.

Practice Regularly: Solve practice questions and numerical problems regularly to reinforce your understanding and improve your problem-solving skills. Gradually increase the difficulty level as you progress to simulate exam-like conditions.

Time Management: Develop a realistic study schedule that accommodates your daily routine. Allocate dedicated time slots for each subject, giving more attention to challenging topics. Remember to include regular breaks to avoid mental fatigue.

Revision Strategy: Plan periodic revisions to consolidate your knowledge. Review previously covered topics at regular intervals to ensure long-term retention. Create concise notes or flashcards for quick reference during revision sessions.

Mock Tests: Take full-length mock tests to familiarize yourself with the exam format and assess your performance. Analyze your mistakes and identify areas that require improvement. Practice time management techniques to optimize your exam attempt.

Time Management Tips During GATE Exam

Go through the question Paper – Just like you do for any normal exam, take a look at the question paper. Read the question paper for first 2 minutes. You will get an idea about the difficulty level of the question paper. If you feel questions you read are difficult then start answering from further. If you feel the questions are manageable then that’s great to start on.

Do not be eager to solve immediately – The Question Paper consists of 65 questions which has to be answered in 3 hours. Do not pre-plan on answering questions which may end up in loosing all your time. There might be easy questions which can be answered just by looking at the question but there are also few questions which may take atleast 10 minutes to get the answer. So, do not plan before.

Always start with the easier part –  Answering the easier part first increases your confidence level. The GATE exam usually gives aptitude at the beginning. This is to make sure that candidates do get tensed. If you are well prepared with aptitude then you can complete it within 5 minutes.

Read questions carefully and quickly – Since you have solved many question papers, you need to be fast in reading questions in the main examination. Read the questions quickly and carefully.

Do not panic –  If you are unable to answer any question or you get stuck in the middle of any problem, then do not panic.  Just try for another 2-3 times and move on. Do not get tensed and think about that. Just leave it and move on.

These are some time management tips before and after exam.

Summarizing it all, Remember, the key to success is consistent practice and maintaining a positive attitude. So, Practice, and Practice . If there will be no pain ,there will be no gain.

So During Exams, Manage your time well. If you have done your preparation well and practiced accordingly , then you can definitely score good marks in GATE 2024.

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