LinkedIn Insight What is your choice after Engineering ?

What is your choice after Engineering ?

“Did you know that nearly 60% of engineering graduates feel uncertain about their career paths after finishing college?

It’s an alarming statistic that highlights the importance of making informed choices in the post-engineering phase.

If you find yourself amidst this uncertainty, fret not; this article will help you navigate the myriad of possibilities and find your ideal path.”

In this article, we will help you to decide what you can do after engineering.

Choices after Engineering

John Maxwell, an renowned career counsellor once said that, ‘Your career is like a winding road with multiple intersections. Each choice you make determines the direction you take.’

As an engineering graduate, this statement couldn’t be truer. After Engineering we can have two options.

i) Higher Studies – M.Tech

ii) Job in PSUs

For any of these choices you have to go through the GATE Examination.

Gate is an acronym for (Gratitude Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). This is the common question amongst students that why one should give GATE.

There are many reasons that why one might consider giving the GATE exam.

i) Higher Studies – M.Tech :- GATE is primarily conducted for admission to postgraduate programs (Masters and PhD.) in prestigious engineering institutes in India, such as the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). By clearing GATE, you increase your chances of getting admission to these renowned institutions, which can provide excellent academic and research opportunities.

ii) Job in PSU’s :- GATE scores are used by several Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) in India for recruiting engineers in various technical positions. Securing a job in a PSU offers job stability, attractive remuneration, benefits, and a chance to contribute to the nation’s development.

We, at will help you to achieve your dream career.


Gradplus provides an comprehensive approach to your GATE Preparation. We present GATE EC and GATE EE course on various subjects which are important for GATE Exam. It includes Electrical Machines, Network Theory, Power Electronics, Electromagnetics and many more.

The key points which make our course best than others are listed below.

The focus is on explaining the concept of the topics.

We at gradplus, helps you to explain the basic concepts of the topics. As we know, without a good and strong foundation we can’t built the strong house. Similarly, without basic concepts you can’t solve the questions.

So, we mainly focus on clearing the concepts of the topics. At gradplus, you will get a detailed explanation of each and every topic.

The course includes 90% questions from previous GATE examination.

At gradplus, you will find past 25 years previous years gate papers, which will help you to do lot of practice. At our course, 90% questions are included from previous GATE Examinations.

It is said that “Practice makes a man perfect.” So we also focus on this phrase. We provide mock tests and previous years papers for best practice.

The instructors are from top engineering colleges

We have the best instructors from top Engineering Colleges . We have well-educated and experienced instructors. They are listed below.

Sr. No. Teachers Subjects Years of Experience
1. Dr. Shilpa Sambhi Network Theory 23 + years of Teaching experience
2. Dr. Mudita Banerjee Electrical Machines (GATE-EE) 8 + years of teaching experience.
3. Rohini Ramteke Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Signal and System 8+ years of teaching experience
4. Mr. Rahul Ghanmare Control Systems 15 + years of teaching experience
5. Dr. Vimal Sood Communication 12+years of teaching experience
6. Dr. P. Priyadarshini Power System 14+ years of teaching experience
7. Dr. Ratiranjan Behera Power Electronics 5+ years of teaching experience
8. Mr . Milind Chapekar Electromagnetics 10+ years of teaching experience

These are instructors from top Engineering colleges.

Instructors are available for handling your queries.

The instructors are available for solving your queries. Your doubt will be solved within 24 hours.

The course is available at affordable pricing.

We at gradplus provides you courses with an affordable pricing at your budget. The course fees are very pocket friendly.

These are some key points of our course. Our courses will definetly help you to ace the exam with good marks. And after that you can wisely choose your career after Engineering.

For any queries Contact us at <>, <9284918745>

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