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GATE 2024


As the Calendar turns towards 2024, all the aspiring engineers are gearing up for a unique and transformative experience – the GATE 2024. With sweeping changes on the horizon, prospective candidates must prepare themselves for an examination that will be nothing short of extremely different from its predecessors.

GATE 2024 is the biggest challenge for an Engineering aspirant. Engineering aspirants studies for a year to crack this exam. Gate exam requires a dedicated, disciplined and focused study.

In this article, we will see how GATE 2024 will be different from previous GATE exams.

Overview of GATE 2024

GATE is an acronym for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. This exam is conducted every year by seven IITs and IISc Bangalore in India on a rotational basis. GATE 2024 will be conducted in online mode as a Computer Based Test (CBT) in various cities across India.

The official notification will be released in July 2023 by IISc Bangalore. GATE 2024 will be conducted by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore. The official website is

Exam Pattern

Paper will be of 100 Marks and the duration of the exam will be 3 hours.

Paper will consists of 72 & technical, 13% Maths and 15% aptitude.

How GATE 2024 can be different from other exam ?

GATE 2024 will be conducted by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore. If you are the aspirant, who is thinking that as GATE 2024 is conducted by IISc , the paper would be simple. But you are wrong, GATE paper is never so easy.

For securing AIR you need to be have focused study, be disciplined and you should have a good time management skills and the most important thing is a lot of hard work and dedication. Hard work and perseverance will help you to achieve your target and crack the exam.

In GATE 2024, some changes are made. They are as follows:-

I) one new subject has been added in the GATE 2024 i.e. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

II) The GATE Exam fee has been increased to Rs. 1800/- which was Rs. 1700/ earlier.

As the Gate exam will be conducted by IISC Bangalore, the candidates could expect the maximum questions based on mathematical concepts, algorithm and the theory of computation.

If you want to crack GATE 2024 in first attempt, focus on building strong conceptual knowledge and practice maximum numerical questions.

Important Tips

So, tips for the students is that , Remember, ” Analysis leads to the paralysis“. It means stop doing more analysis, you should do study. Focus on the syllabus completion. Prepare every subject thoroughly.

Syllabus Completion :- The syllabus is vast so manage your time well and try to complete the syllabus with rigorous revision before 2 month of the exam. At the last 2 month solve the mock tests, and analyze your stronger part and weaker part.

Revision :- Revision is very important, if you does not revise, then you will not be able to crack the exam. Do maximum revision, in order to remember your studies.

Focus only on studies :- Understand this thing, you can’t really predict the GATE Paper. Its not IISc who is setting the paper only. Its the organising institute.

All IITs contribute in setting the GATE paper. So don’t waste time in predicting the kind of questions GATE will ask. Never analyze the weightage trend. Try to be an expert in all the subjects. Allot 75% of your time in solving problems, rest is for theory and revision.

So, Remember, it’s not the familiarity of the past that defines us, but our ability to rise above the challenges of the present. Aspirants should approach GATE 2024 armed not only with the knowledge garnered from dedicated preparation but also with the flexible mindset to navigate unforeseen twists and turns.

The journey ahead is undoubtedly one of anticipation and excitement. Whether it’s a shift in exam pattern, altered question types, or a new evaluation approach, GATE 2024 will demand candidates to draw upon their skills, strategies, and resourcefulness in innovative ways.

The transformation is an invitation to rise above the ordinary and to embrace the extraordinary.

So, let the words “EXTREMELY DIFFERENT” resonate as a call to action, a proclamation that you are prepared to face the unknown with confidence, to adapt with grace, and to emerge not just as a GATE qualifier, but as a master of innovation, perseverance, and intellectual prowess.

The journey ahead may be different, but so are the rewards for those who dare to embrace change and thrive within it.

All The Best!!

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